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Mark Romanek Teaming Up With Casey Affleck For ‘Boston Strangler’!

Last month we reported that Warner Bros. had acquired Boston Strangler, a thriller pitch about the desperate search for the murderer who terrorized the Boston area during the early 1960s. Casey Affleck (who knows his Boston sh*t) was already set to star with a script being written by Chuck Maclean, but now the film’s pedigree has risen to the next level. Variety is reporting that Mark Romanek (who deserves respect not only for One Hour Photo and Never Let Me Go, but also for bailing on Wolfman) is in talks to direct.

Abetted by the fact that Affleck seems to have amazing quality control these days, this thing could actually be great!

Kevin McCormick‘s Warner-based Langley Park shingle will be produce. “With a tone similar to ‘Se7en’ and ‘Zodiac’, they will cover the most haunting unsolved serial murder story in U.S. history. While Albert DeSalvo was convicted of crimes unrelated to the Boston Strangler case, the public was spun to believe he was the man behind the 13 gruesome murders of women in Boston for over a year and a half. There is still belief that more than one killer was involved, and that DeSalvo was a pawn in a bigger conspiracy. The movie follows an ambitious detective who is willing to risk career and life in a race to bring down the most notorious sexual predator of the day, while battling a political cover-up by corrupt politicians and lawyers trying to save their careers. Boston pols were desperate for a conviction; the early murders centered on older women living alone, but when police found a 21-year old victim, the public panicked. Soon, guns and door locks became scarce in Boston and pressure grew to end the hysteria by locking up someone.



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