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Review: ‘Hoax Hunters’ #13

Offering tons of excitement and scares, “Hoax Hunters” #13 heads straight towards a rip-roaring conclusion. The season finale manages to answer questions and make some new ones at the same time. By the time you reach the last page, you’ll definitely be anxiously awaiting for the next season of “Hoax Hunters.”

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley
ART BY: Christian DiBari
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: Dec. 8th, 2014

In order to disprove the existence of the supernatural to the public, the Hoax Hunters, disguised as a hit reality TV show, was secretly designed to investigate paranormal activities. In the past 48 hours, there has been a surprisingly growing amount of weird sightings, all involving werewolves, giant birds, and chupacabras. With the group separated on two different cases, the Hoax Hunters have lost momentum and failed to stop the growing demonic forces. As they continue to lose, one of the Hoax Hunters will have to stand by himself against the uprising and make the ultimate sacrifice.

Writers Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley build the mythology and relationships within the Hoax Hunters. The writers reveal more about Jack’s lifelong obsession to find his missing father. Blinded by his search for the truth, Jack doesn’t realize he is falling into a deadly trap, which is what his enemies want. Because Jack is missing, it’s now up to Ken to step up in the ranks of leader. In a nice twist, Ken is a reluctant character who particularly liked being in the sidelines. Moreci and Seeley give a taste of what’s to come as a bond starts to form between Ken and Lauren.

For the most part, Moreci and Seeley aim to deliver an all-out action sequence for Jack. Surrounded by monstrous creatures, Jack recklessly throws himself into an epic-sized battle. We see two different sides of Jack as he sets out to kill anyone blocking his path. As a fighter, Jack enjoys the thrill of the hunt. As an orphan, Jack fights to understand something that is much bigger than himself.

What I really enjoy about Christian DiBari’s illustrations is his focus on the character designs. Lauren has more a distinct look this time around than in the previous installments. DiBari provides Lauren with a stylish hairstyle and rugged wardrobe that gives her personality. I really liked the added detail to Murder’s astronaut helmet. DiBari paints a skull on the helmet, giving Murder a face rather than a reflective surface.

The highlight of DiBari’s illustrations is when Jack has to fight singlehandedly against the creatures in the dark woods. Emphasizing his body poses, DiBari showcases Jack swinging away with his machete, chopping heads off. DiBari then captures Jack as an action hero, when he is aiming and shooting rounds off from his gun.

With a neat little twist at the end, “Hoax Hunters” #13 sets up a list of exciting and interesting potential plotlines for the upcoming season.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by Jorge Solis



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