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[Exclusive] Excerpt: Superheroes Meet Zombies In Peter Clines’ ‘Ex-Purgatory’

Peter Clines’ genre-blending “Ex” series has been garnering quite a bit of attention over the past few month. On January 14th, Crown Publishing (Random House subsidiary) will be publishing the fourth novel of the series, “Ex Purgatory”. We’ve got an exclusive excerpt from the novel for you to feast on below.

“Ex-Purgatory” begins when Corpse Girl runs into Saint George on her college campus, but he does not remember her at all. As the story unfolds, Saint George realizes that the President is a villain and has erased his memories so he will not remember their true universe. Saint George gets the group back together as they travel back into their alternate universe to discover that their “safe zone” really is not safe anymore.

Crown is running a cool pre-order promo for the novel as well. If you pre-order you have a chance to chat with the author via spreecast.



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