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Review: ‘Shaolin Cowboy’ #4

Who says you can’t learn things from comic books? For example, in “Shaolin Cowboy” #4, I’ve learned that monks aren’t too chatty. In fact, I think our hero has only uttered the same mantra once per issue at least. Do actions speak louder than words? This Cowboy’s actions are surely a sight to see but is there more going on in this series? Let’s find out.

WRITTEN BY: Geoff Darrow
ART BY: Geoff Darrow
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: 8 January 2014

Our resident badass zombie fighter has been literally going through a gigantic herd of them from the get-go. Geoff Darrow has put his creation onto a bloody and incredibly detailed path of destruction and decapitation. I think Darrow got all of his writing out of his system in the first issue with his essay about what has happened previously. The only other dialogue we get is the kind no one likes to hear: young and ignorant people banter. I guess that officially makes me an old person.

Each issue has been more about the visuals than any real dialogue or quips that regular comic book readers have become accustomed to. Honestly, The Cowboy’s double-chainsaw-bo-staff has spoken the most so far in this story. This has been one, big, extended fight scene that has lasted I think the entirety of this title thus far.

Perhaps Mr. Darrow is trying to plot a new course about how comics can tell stories. This is why we all love this medium, right? It is one of the greatest places to let your imagination run absolutely wild. However, nowadays I can’t help but think of comics sometimes as storyboards for TV of film. This would be one of, if not THE longest fight scene ever in any form of entertainment.

Our Cowboy is really hands-on in this chapter, popping heads, faces, and everything else off of these walking corpses. You really see the path our hero makes through all the bodies. Darrow is the preeminent artist when it comes to details and you get every single one of them in this series. Why are they all naked? Did this zombie outbreak start at a nudist colony? Food for thought for another day. This series makes me try to read into the actions more closely than anything actually said. Actions are the words for Shaolin Cowboy. That’s the impression that I get.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by: Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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