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6 More FREE Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!

It’s not secret that I’m a fan of indie horror games. I play them often, cover many of them here on Bloody Disgusting, and back in April, I made the awful decision to start recording myself playing some of the better games on our YouTube channel.
If you’re a fan of the genre, indie horror is where it’s at. Unfortunately, finding the games that are worth your time can prove difficult, so I’ve made it my goal to sift through as many as I can to find the ones you really should play.

Read on for my list of six more free indie horror games you need to play!

Before we get into it, check out five of our most anticipated upcoming indie horror games!

Babysitter Bloodbath

Babysitter Bloodbath, formerly known as Halloween, is a free horror game developed by Pig Farmer Games. The original version — which you can see me playing above — features a babysitter who’s stalked by the infamous Michael Myers on Halloween night. After that was forcefully removed a new version was made available that brought with it a few tweaks to separate it from the film franchise, including the replacement of our favorite serial killer with another masked baddie.

It’s a love letter to the films that’s scary, free, and delightfully old school in its flavor.

Download it here!

1916 – Der Unbekannte Krieg

If being chased by robot Velocipraptors through a labyrinthine series of dirty, corpse-filled trenches sounds like your idea of a good time, then 1916 was made with you in mind. I went into this not knowing anything about it, so my first encounter with one of its carnivorous antagonists might’ve freaked me out a bit. Or a lot. Whatever.

This game is great. It’s unique, thoroughly terrifying, and you get to tear off limbs and feed them to cyborg Velociraptors. If you aren’t already downloading this, something is wrong with you.

Download it here!


Grey is a survival horror mod for Half-Life 2 that blends the visceral combat of Condemned with the creatures and atmosphere of Silent Hill. It’s also the first game I featured in my Indie Horror Spotlight series, way back in August 2012. It’s a polished and deeply unsettling indie horror game that will stick with you long after you’ve played it. I know it did me.

Download it here!

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