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I Think I Just Found Jason Voorhees’ Theme Song

A while back we had Kane Hodder, the man behind Jason Voorhees’ mask in four Friday The 13th films, give us his Top 10 Favorite Songs. Still, I find myself sometimes thinking, “What would Jason have on his iPod?” Lo and behold, a track came to me today that seems like it’d be absolutely perfect for Mr. Voorhees as he terrorizes the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake!

Below is the brand new video for punk rock band TV Freaks‘ “Knife”, which is an ode to the sharp, deadly weapon that is so beloved by the horror genre. The song comes from the band’s sophomore album Two (more information here).



  • Good pick, mine would be “Crystal Lake” by Poison The Well

  • twisted

    “Must Kill” by Cavalera Conspiracy.

  • jack

    IMHO I can’t see Jason listening to this music. I could imagine him listening to more old school stuff, maybe even some classical music like Debussy or Wagner. Or even some grimy, tortured, guttural blues.

    admit it jonathan, you were just trying to make this post just the slightest bit horror-related by drawing in jason.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Jack, I thought we were getting along so well! C’mon, don’t give up on me so easily!

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