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[TV] Fourth Season of “American Horror Story” Will Be A Period Piece

Slim news piece but here’s a small bit from FX Network president John Landgraf, who tells TV Guide that he’s pretty sure the fourth season of “American Horror Story” will be a period piece, and that most of the cast will return.

“Coven,” the cablers third season, is trucking along with the recent introduction of the Voodoo Devil, and the two witch covens aligning to defeat a group of ancient witch hunters. It’s been a pretty good season thus far, although it lost some of its steam heading into winter break.

What would you like to see come season 4? Any particular genre you want to see them take?



  • Kunt

    I’ve heard rumors of a Circus theme, wich made me think of the movie Freaks. This could be awesome if it were true

  • carlos.filipe

    A Gothic-medieval castle-in-the-hills-dracula-like theme would be spectacular with a bit of Lovecraftian mythos thrown in the middle… ho lord…

  • Seattlenewfie

    Freaks meets carnivale by the nip tuck people. Does sound awesome. I miss carnivale.

  • Polsdofer

    WTF is a period piece?

    • tyler

      A period piece is a work of art set in, or reminiscent of, an earlier time period

  • tyler

    I was hoping for a an evil carnival/ freak show theme this season, so hopefully next year.

  • j.c

    I keep seeing the circus motif tossed around as well, but I cant find any confirmation of this from anyone actually connected with the show. I did hear confirmed that it would be a period piece as reported here.

  • Typically, “period piece” is used to describe something artsy and English, but since this is “American Horror Story”, I’ll say one guess would be Boston circa 1900.

    My hope is for a Western, though. Post-revolution Texas, perhaps?

  • Kroork

    I hate period movies. I donno why, I just always have. I need my movies to contain electricity. I know it’s stupid, just the way I am. But with that said, this circus idea I ceep hear could be very very interesting so I hope it’s true!

  • djblack1313

    i’ve been hearing rumblings that a Western is a possibility. also season 4’s storyline/setting (from what i read) is Lange’s brainchild/suggestion and she’ll be taking an almost supporting role (and not the lead).

    i’m not in to westerns at all and i really wish a carnival setting was the plan.

  • djblack1313

    apparently season 4 will be set in the 1950’s. Murphy says Jessica is practicing her German accent in this interview…

  • aka_scream

    I think AHS as a period piece would be delightful to watch!

  • Argali

    I was kind of hoping for a 19th Century gothic vibe, maybe even flesh out the Jack the Ripper killings. I think the AHS creators could do something pretty awesome with that. But I have to admit that a Circus theme would also be kind of awesome.

  • ClericMarshall

    These cats would be awesome at making a inquisition storyline.

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