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[TV] CBS Sets Premiere Dates For “Under the Dome” and “Extant”

Variety reports that CBS has set premiere dates for its summer event series “Under the Dome” and “Extant,” with the latter newbie slated for Wednesday.

“Under the Dome” will return for its sophomore season on June 30, remaining in the Monday 10 p.m. timeslot in which it aired last summer. The first episode of season two will be written by Stephen King, whose bestselling novel the series is based on.

“Extant,” starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry, premieres July 2 at 9 o’clock. “Extant” is a mystery thriller about a female astronaut trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space. Her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

The series will be distributed domestically by CBS Television Distribution and worldwide by CBS Studios International.



  • djblack1313

    DOME was a 100% guilty pleasure for me. it was shlocky fun but it had some of the worst writing i’ve ever seen in a show (i’m talking DEXTER season 8 caliber horribleness). 2 or 3 days into the dome sealing the town and there’s ALREADY an underground, “secret” fight club set up by some evil gangster/mafia woman?! LOL. also can they make the Sheriff (Natalie Martinez) any dumber and inept? i think not.

    it was clear (by the way the writers just kept extending the storyline in such a jarring way) that the 1 season at the last minute became a multiple season gig. so unnecessary. i really hope season 2 is the last and they wrap it up. it’s already barely tolerable to watch.

    • weresmurf

      I love the fact that 2 or 3 days in, and a town that consists of what, 30 people lol, keeps getting all new people show up out of NOWHERE. It’s such a trashy, shitty show that I can’t stop watching. It’s truly a low point of tv for me every week. I really can’t believe how little happened in the first season…

      • djblack1313

        @weresmurf, LOL. i feel the same way. it’s such a train wreck of a show but it’s enjoy dreck all the same.

  • David

    ive seen the first ep of dome but never went back. when i heard they wanted to run five years, it turned me off to it. took me two weeks to read the book and nothing in there would make a five years series.

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