Found-Footage Alien Horror ‘Unidentified’ Gets Trailer and Release!

  • pyrepunk

    So this is supposed to be kinda funny right? If it’s not at least part comedy I have to say it looks really bad. I just couldn’t tell from the trailer…if it is going to be a horror comedy I can see the appeal as to how it will be funny and glad they didn’t ruin all of the funny parts in the trailer like most films.

  • weresmurf

    Looks interesting, but that poster looks like a game poster for C64…

  • dirtyghettok

    Antidepressants and other psychotics take about a month or so to start working. So I recommend all who starred or acted in this, um, film(?), to start taking them now before the release of the, um, movie(?), so that you don’t cause any harm to yourselves upon release of this, um, thing?

  • Vengeful-Pinata

    Okay, just watched it twice, and it looks a lot more interesting and creative than the majority of found footage shit out there. I’m interested to see this one, looks like it could be fun.

    Also, curious about why there’s so much attention drawn to how many viewers the main character is getting. I wonder if it’s going to say something about how the aliens are accessing the internet, and if the main character’s being targeted specifically.

  • Ga5ton

    I gotta say… i prefer Alien Abduction, wich, by the way, should be in a list of “horror movies more people should watch” or something. I´m starting to hate every found footage crap that comes out lately, and this doesn´t seem like the next gem of horror; plus, mixing comedy with horror sounds like a really bad idea to me, sorry but that never works

    • mbh911

      which “Alien Abduction” film are you talking about? There is a few of em while searching on youtube. I found a new documentary trailer and the old school “McPherson Tape” etc. Do you have a youtube link to confirm which film you are talking about? thanks