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Gamblers Rejoice! There’s A New ‘Walking Dead’ Slot Game


The undead hordes are making their way to slot machines, thanks to developer Aristocrat. If you’ve been looking for a chance to pull levers and hope for money to come out of a hole in the big, shiny money box — I’ve never gambled, so I’m going completely off of what movies and television have taught me over the years — but you haven’t met a slot machine that’s sweet enough to be worth your time, that issue may have been remedied. The Walking Dead Slot Game takes inspiration from the hit television show, and particularly its unforgiving nature.

For example, if you get three crossbow bolts in a row, you’re greeted by an angry Daryl Dixon who promptly shoots you in the head. Okay, no, not really.

This slot game will be available at a bunch of casinos all across the country, from the Highland, California-based San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino to the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, N.J. If you’re interested in dropping some sweet, sweet cash into one of these babies only to never see it again, you can learn more about them here. If you’re super lucky, you may even win the $500,000.00 jackpot.

“The Walking Dead Slot Game is the perfect marriage between TV’s leading drama and the gaming industry’s leading developer,” says Theresa Beyer, AMC’s Vice President of Promotions and Activation. I’m sure she meant they’re the leading developer of slot machine games, because I’ve been writing about the gaming industry on a near-daily basis for five years now and I hadn’t heard of Aristocrat until now. I could be wrong, but it sounds like Aristocrat is the Naughty Dog of the slot machine industry. If I am wrong, I’ll leave it up to the slot machine aficionados among us to set me straight in the comments.

The ball’s in your court, dear gambling connoisseur. Just know that I am fully prepared to live the rest of my life thinking Aristocrat is the shit, should you fail to correct me.

If you fancy trademarked terms and marketing lingo, this next bit’s going to blow your goddamn mind.

If you aren’t quite sold on The Walking Dead Slot Game, just know that it makes full use of Aristocrat’s award-winning VERVEhd™ cabinet, which comes packed with their surround sound iChair™ that our very own Mr. Disgusting literally just described as “eargasmic!” Seriously, he totally just whispered that in my ear. I’m almost definitely maybe not making that up.

Want to see it in action? Don’t fret, I have you covered with this:

I hope this game isn’t as emotionally draining as Telltale’s series, because I have a feeling that sobbing violently on the floor of a busy casino is against the rules, or something.

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