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‘Silent Hill’ Star Becomes Part of Satanic ‘Sacrifice’

ScreenDaily reports that Arnold Rifkin will produce Sacrifice, a new horror thriller about a cult, which will star Rogue and Silent Hill‘s Radha Mitchell, pictured, with Rupert Graves and Colm Meaney.

Mitchell will play a consultant surgeon trying in vain to have a child with her husband, played by Graves. Her discovery of a mutilated woman’s body leads to shocking revelations as her husband, boss and local police try to persuade her to drop the matter.

Flight Plan writer Peter Dowling will direct Sacrifice from his adapted screenplay based on the novel by S J Bolton.

Here’s the novel’s synopsis: “In this masterful debut that starts off as a mystery and becomes much more, Tora Hamilton is an outsider at her new home on the rocky, windswept Shetland Islands, a hundred miles from the northeastern tip of Scotland. Though her husband grew up here, it’s the first time he’s been back in twenty years. Digging in the peat on their new property, Tora unearths a human body, at first glance a centuries-old bog body, interesting but not uncommon. But realizing that the body is in fact much newer, that the woman’s heart has been cut out, and that she was killed within a few days of bearing a child, Tora, herself an obstetrician, becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her—even when the police, her colleagues, and eventually her husband warn her against getting involved.

Rifkind’s Cheyenne Enterprises will produce with Ireland-based Subotica and production is scheduled to begin in Dublin in late March.




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