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[BD Review] Evan Says ‘Devil’s Due’ Develops Into A Dark, Bloody Frenzy!

While Fox’s Devil’s Due wasn’t properly screened for critics, Bloody Disgusting is excited to bring you the first ever review of Radio Silence’s modern day Rosemary’s Baby.

Evan Dickson writes in with his review, saying that Fox really went dark with this found-footage horror, and that it builds into one hell of a bloody frenzy!

You may be a bit surprised (pleasantly so, in my case) by how dark they’re willing to get,” explains Dickson in his review. “Studio found footage movies tend to feel PG-13 or wimp out altogether when it comes to their climax. Not Devil’s Due. It works itself up into a nice, bloody frenzy that should satisfy hardcore horror fans and might even shock the causal filmgoer.

Click the title above for the entire review, and come back this weekend to tell us what you thought!



  • MaddieAvery

    Yeah…um…NO! This movie starts slow and builds to being completely bored. First off…this is a found footage movie? Um Nope. The movies starts in a police office. Not found footage. Then we get too see the couple of the movie use the camera to film everything….but thats just 50% of the footage. The other 50% is from a covens hidden cameras…THAT NO ONE EVER FINDS!! And if it was found footage…why do the cops keep asking why did the husband kill his wife? If you found the footage….um you should know your questions as stupid. Thefact of the matter is that the movie is NOT scary and never gets scary. Its a slow slow drive from a wedding, to a honeymoon to 9 months of being preggo. There were only two scares to me…jump scares that you could see from miles away, so I don’t really jump cause you know its coming. The whole movie builds to a ending that just falls flat the last 10 mins of the movie. Its a straight to dvd movie that somehow found its way into the theaters. If you seen the YouTube video for the movie, with people getting scared by a fake devil baby….THAT IS SCARIER THAN THIS WHOLE MOVIE. Its Paranormal Activity meets Chronicle with Rosemary’s Baby mixed in. Its a 1 out of 5 stars. It gets 1 cause its watchable, but forgettable.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Completely agree with MaddieAvery. I kept telling myself to just wait it out, that the last 10 minutes would be worth the rest of the movie. Nope. Nothing happened. None of it was even the slight bit scary. There was no pay off. It just fell flat on its face. The passage used at the beginning really set up something to look forward to, but the movie itself turned out very bland. The Marked Ones blows this out of the water in every way. It’s a shame I didn’t like it because the actors did a pretty good job. I’ll give it another shot once it gets on Netflix.

    The best part of the movie was with the kids in the forest. Maybe this would’ve worked better as a traditionally-shot movie, I don’t know. The best I can describe this movie is a slow burn with no pay off. It just didn’t work. I’m curious if they have any ideas for a sequel. Their short films on YouTube (particularly the Alien and Mountain Devil pranks) should give them inspiration for a sequel because those are really good. Their VHS segment was great also.

    • Kwonkicker

      Dude, I barely made it the first half hour. I said the same thing: Oh it’ll get better, it’ll get intense etc.

      What a shit fest, pure, utter shit fest. The Marked Ones not only kicked this film’s ass but set the pace for horror to take 2014 by storm.

      Kids in the forest? Nah I thought that was stupid and pointless.

  • pyrepunk

    I agree with these two ^^^ Usually I love found-footage films, hell I even enjoy the Paranormal Activity movies, but this film was just Bleh :(…It’s also the first “found-footage” type film to ever make me feel nauseous, it made my friend feel nauseous also and we watch a lot of these kinds of movies…I thought it was funny we walked out of the theater and she was like that wasn’t scary and I was bored, she’s typically scared easily….so I’m letting that be the judge of this one……. :/

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