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Underrated ‘Ravenous’ Gets Blu-ray Release!

Get a taste for terror.

Scream Factory broke the best news of 2014 this evening with the following:

*BREAKING!* We know you guys have been hungry for a new title announcement from us for awhile…so here’s one to satisfy your appetite…

RAVENOUS – the 1999 cannibal film starring Guy Pearce, David Arquette and directed by Antonia Bird – will be coming to blu-ray for the first time come this June with all-new extras planned!

No other details to report at this time. But check back here in next few months for more updates on this exciting project. The original theatrical poster key art will be used as artwork (as seen here).

In the film, Captain John Boyd’s (Pearce) promotion stations him at a fort where a rescued man tells a disturbing tale of cannibalism.



  • mobstar67

    Very underrated film…..
    This film is truly something unique and different…
    I consider this one of my favorites, a real sleeper
    great performances all around..

  • CTHL

    Well about damn time… I consider it the greatest film in the history of mankind on Earth (for today?). I’ve lived far too long with the crappy out-of-aspect-ratio DVD version… pure blasphemy it’s taken this long for a proper blu-ray. Hope they don’t screw that up too…

    …which they already did by using that awful cover art. No wonder I was the only soul in the theater on day 1 when it came out if that was the poster art. This movie seems to get mistreated at every turn.

  • Golic

    try OVERrated.

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