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[TV] Brand New Trailer Teases The Return Of “The Walking Dead!

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on February 9th with it’s Greg Nicotero directed ninth episode. .

The trailer, titled “Don’t Look Back”, catches us up with some action. “Rick’s group managed to survive the first major attack on the prison, but this time they were not only separated from each other, but also forced to abandon their safe haven. Will the survivors to ever see again, and they can find a new refuge?

Check it out below!



  • djblack1313

    since season 4 thus far has been so good, i’m REALLY excited for the show’s return. can’t wait!

    • coldblood

      Me too buddy.

      I’m surprised Mr. D is not on here bitching about the show as usual.

  • part6productions

    Season 4 is garbage so far. Total garbage, the writing is so bad it’s almost unbearable

    • weresmurf

      Before season 4 I would’ve agreed, but now?


  • Canucklehead

    There’s writing?

    • djblack1313

      well considering you & part6productions keep watching a show you both apparently hate, of course you know there is writing. see how absurd it is for someone to watch a show one despises?

      • weresmurf

        ^^^ Agreed. Always makes me laugh too. “I dont like it so I watch it!” is the equivelant of ‘I burnt myself on the stove so I keep touching it!’

      • Canucklehead

        A little joke on my part. The fact that there’s zombie killin a plenty is more than enough for me to watch and keep watching. Is it as deep and complex as the books? No it’s not, but that’s because it’s TV.

      • part6productions

        Never said I hated the show, I’ve been watching from the beginning. They fired 2 good showrunners to get this guy, who in my opinion is clearly the worst of the 3. Season 4 is definitely the worst season so far, hopefully the last 8 episodes will be better.

  • John Marrone

    The midseason finale was still stinging me two weeks after. Absolutely epic. This trailer however was uber lame, and didn’t arose any interest whatsoever. I fucking hate trailers anyway. Banish them all.

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