Alternate ‘Big Bad Wolves’ Posters, Video Featurette!

  • mountain twin

    underwhelming. major meh. hate to say that about any labor of love filmmaking but given the subject matter i don’t feel too bad. torture, pedophilia… Israel and still ‘meh’. just saying. not a terrible film, but praise for these lukewarm genre films needs to be a little more realistic. ‘best film of the year.’-tarantino, dude must not have got to the theatre much this year.

  • chambertlo

    I have been looking forward to this movie ever since I saw “Rabies” (which was excellent, BTW), but when you guys mean VOD, could you please elaborate as to the sources (Amazon, HULU, ect.) so that I am not searching the web for where I might be able to stream it. It would help a lot for all future releases. Thanks!