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Gorillaz/Blur Frontman Releases “Everyday Robots” From Solo Album

British singer/songwriter Damon Albarn (Gorillaz/Blur) will be releasing his debut solo album Everyday Robots on April 28th. The album, which is produced by XL‘s Richard Russell, will feature guest appearances from legendary musician/producer Brian Eno as well as Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes).

Albarn has just released the official music video for the title track of the album. It features a face being built from the base ingredient: the skull. From there it adds layer after layer of musculature, tendon, ligament, and more to create a fully recognizable visage.

You can pre-order Everyday Robots via iTunes.

Everyday Robots track list:
1. Everyday Robots
2. Hostiles
3. Lonely Press Play
4. Mr Tembo
5. Parakeet
6. The Selfish Giant
7. You And Me
8. Hollow Ponds
9. Seven High
10. Photographs (You Are Taking Now)
11. The History Of A Cheating Heart
12. Heavy Seas Of Love




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