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[Random Cool] Resourceful Swedes Remake The Scariest Scene From ‘The Thing’

A gaggle of resourceful Swedes have taken it upon themselves to remake the scariest scene from John Carpenter’s classic horror film, “The Thing”, using nothing but practical effects. And by practical effects, I mean a large majority of the props look like they were crafted from household items scavenged from a recently emptied crack den. The result is a short film that at just two and a half minutes long is already far superior to that terribad prequel Hollywood shat out back in 2011.

See it in action after the jump!

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  • MachineGunGandhi

    LMAO That was pretty clever XD

    Adam, you should check out the Sweded trailer for Pacific Rim. That one was very impressive:

    • Adam Dodd

      I can’t believe I missed that, that’s amazing.

  • Evan3

    That was actually fantastic. ZOMG if you will. I especially love the sound effects.

  • MaryMaria

    One of the best scenes from one of my favourite movies? Yes, please! This was awesome! Loved Mac’s beard.

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