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[Sundance ’14 Review] ‘The Babadook’ Part Kid’s Movie, Part Boogeyman!

There was quite a bit of the Boogeyman in the news yesterday, with the release of the art and trailer for The Babadook.

The creature from under the bed and in the closet took Sundance by storm, allegedly scaring the living shit out of the audience.

Ryan Daley was on hand at one of the screenings, and was impressed as well by Jennifer Kent’s supernatural horror.

One part boogeyman movie, one part creepy kid movie, and one part Mario Bava homage, The Babadook is like a simple, gap-toothed jack-o-lantern––it has enough love for the horror genre to earn our respect, even if it lacks originality,” says Daley in his review. You can read his entire thoughts by clicking the aforementioned links.



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