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High Point Possessed By Found-Footage ‘The Mirror’

ScreenDaily reports that Carey Fitzgerald’s sales outfit Hight Point has picked up UK found-footage horror The Mirror ahead of the EFM.

Sounding similar to the “Dibbuk Box” (turned into the film The Possession), last year The Daily Mail and Huffington Post were among media outlets to report on a ‘haunted’ mirror that according to its owners left them dogged by bad luck, financial misery, strange sightings and illness.

Picking up where the media story ended, “The Mirror focuses on three intrepid flatmates who purchase the supposedly haunted antique on eBay and set up round the clock cameras in the hopes of capturing evidence of something going bump in the night.

The completed feature is directed by Ed Boase (Blooded) and stars I Spit on Your Grave 2 actress Jemma Dallender alongside Joshua Dickinson and Nate Fallows.



  • divisionbell

    Hmmmm sounds lousy like Oculus.

    • divisionbell

      “Just like”. Damn autocorrect….

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