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[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Coven”: Trailer For the Season Finale!

Even though I’m thoroughly enjoying the third season of “American Horror Story”, the second half of “Coven” has been a bit of a letdown. I’m actually a bit surprised we’re already looking at the season finale, and don’t really feel like the overall arc was as shocking as I expected it to be. In retrospect, I’ve never really liked any of the “Horror Story” finales, so maybe it’s just a flaw in the matrix?

Anyways, next Wednesday “American Horror Story: Coven” will conclude with “Seven Wonders”. Check out the low quality promo (it’s super weird that FX never uploads a HD file).

The time comes for the girls to face the test of the Seven Wonders. The night before, Myrtle serves them one last meal together as equals. It’s time to find the new Supreme, a witch who Cordelia hopes “can lead the way out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation.” With the Witch Hunters gone, perhaps they’ll even be able to live in the open. As morning dawns, Madison is feeling vulnerable yet full of steely determination, Queenie struggles to believe she could be the one, Misty is terrified, and a sober Zoe puts on dark lipstick like it’s war paint. The trials begin, and Madison aims snarky barbs at Zoe – followed by more violent intent as the trials go on – while Misty is surprised to find herself giddy at her own successes. But tragedy strikes as the trials go very wrong. Later, as the new Supreme finally rises, she finds herself having to begin her reign by performing a heartbreaking task. And finally, before the Coven can return to strength and prominence, there is one last piece of unfinished business for the new Supreme to attend to.



  • K-Dogg

    Alright…it’s rant time starring me…Know that I love so much of this show, so this is just pure frustration…. This show, for 3 seasons now, has NO IDEA how to finish off seasons AT ALL (note the caps). They present us with plotlines that they either decide to forget about altogether later, or they do away with in one fell swoop (Witchhunters meet in a room, and bring guns, ummmm, good one, why meet with witches AT ALL, your all dead in that room, so why even agree to it) You people have no IDEA how much I could not wait for a 1 on 1 battle between Bassett and Lange, and they fucked up the 2 best characters, period !!! I’m sorry, but I know 5 people personally that wouldnt even watch this season (horror vets) because this show is brutal at capping off seasons. I’m not saying I want a “good” ending, I just want better than what they’ve provided. I watch because the good, is freaking amazing-Awesome, but boy they need to work on their finishes.

    • I’ve enjoyed the vast majority of Coven, but I can understand where you’re coming from.

      During season 2, I was very vocal on here about Asylum devolving into an incoherent mess. The barrage of deaths in the last three or four episodes felt SO rushed, because they we’re trying to cram everything for the season finale. They had so many sub-plots going on at once, and everything mashed into a big mess towards the end.

      I got the sense they were running out of time and places to go, so they had to wrap up everything at this hectic pace. It’s like asking someone to stand in front of a speeding train, and count every passenger on board, as the train passes you. You can’t do it.

      Personally, I enjoyed last night’s episode, BUT without this cast, there’s a chance I might’ve given up on Coven at the mid way point. Others might disagree, but I believe we’re witnessing the best American Horror Story cast ever. That, and yeah, it’s kind of hard to ignore the drop off for quality in certain episodes, when you compare the first half to the second.

      • Beatnation

        “without this cast, there’s a chance I might’ve given up on Coven at the mid way point”

        Totally agreed, the cast is the strong point of this series… while season 1 the story was interesting, season 2 and 3 are trying so damn hard being better than 1 with overwhelming sub-plots with no resolution.

        • Yep. And I know a lot of people can’t stand Madison, because she’s too bitchy, whiny, and bratty, but Emma Roberts is a perfect fit for that character. She’s awesome as Madison, and of course Lange delivers as always.

          Bassett, Bates, and Danny Huston are great additions, and Paulson is so fun to watch, when she’s playing a darker and more aggressive version (i.e. after the blinding incidents) of Cordelia.

          But the overload of sub-plots can be annoying at times. Hoping we won’t have that problem for season 4.

    • djblack1313

      K-Dogg, i am so with you on this! lol. i’ve learned that Murphy has a couple of VERY VERY VERY horrible/annoying habits…(the top 2 annoying/horrible habits)…

      1. spoiling some pretty big storylines/reveals (season 2, he with an assist from Dylan McDermott himself, revealed who Bloody Face was about 2 weeks before the audience was supposed to learn this).

      2. writing/incorporating storylines and characters (some) that are completely pointless like Coven’s neighbors Luke & his mom Joan (that precious little screen time, could have been used to let us get to know Misty Day, Myrtle, etc, better).

      this ep was ok but the BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE SEASON WAS….Misty Day kicking Madison’s ass ten times over! Misty owns and rules!

  • I’m not buying you know, who’s death (trying my best to not spoil it) actually happened. Remember in Cordelia’s vision how she talked about gators and the swamp? Unless I missed something, we never actually saw the footage of the gators, the swamp, and the body. They showed everything leading up to the death, and the death itself, but that’s it. Could be reaching too far, but it was something I was thinking about.

    And to point out something else in one of Cordelia’s visions (the big slaughter), I noticed Myrtle was absent from one of them. EVERYONE in the coven was in that vision expect for Myrtle.

    Looking forward to the end next week, and Papa Legba is one creepy motherfucker.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, i’m such a weirdo freak for saying this but i kinda think Papa Legba is kinda sexy! LOL. of course it helps when the role is being played by superb (and kinda handsome!) actor Lance Reddick. 🙂

      • Haha! No one can resist the voodoo king! 🙂 And how can you say no to those eyes? lol.

  • Spike0037

    Hey has anyone noticed that session 1 and 2 had major plots with babies. And now there is a baby in the care of Spaulding. Really cant be a coincidence

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    This has been a terrific season, my only gripe has been that the so called “good witches”, mainly Zoe, Cordelia, and Queenie, are so quick to look past the horrible things Fiona and Madison have done to their own kind. Why wouldn’t they burn Madison at the stake for trying to kill Misty? Except for Misty kicking hare ass, everyone else didn’t seem to care much; do they really want to have Madison as the next supreme?

    • “Why wouldn’t they burn Madison at the stake for trying to kill Misty? ”

      My guess is Madison is too powerful? I’m thinking back to the bus incident in the debut episode, and the most recent episode, where Madison threw a fit in front of Zoe.

      I’m not too sure Madison will be the next supreme, though. If I had to guess, Coven is going for a big shocker/swerve on the finale. Madison and Zoe are way too obvious for a surprise. I’m leaning towards Queenie.

      • djblack1313

        i’ve been thinking (for a couple of weeks now) that maybe there will be a new twist or a change in the Supreme rules/guidebook. lol. it just seems like each of the witches are getting (pretty equally-ish) stronger and stronger (as Fiona kinda sorta gets weaker-ish)…i’m wondering if there’s a new rule to where Fiona’s Supreme powers (in order to keep as many witches alive) are evenly being distributed to all the young witches. since the Salem coven’s numbers reaching extinction numbers, maybe this new multiple powers distribution gig could be a gift (from the powers that be) to help with that?

        • Yeah, I never thought about it like that before. It’s kind of strange how EVERYONE in the Coven is getting stronger and stronger together now, as Fiona’s powers weaken. It’s possible all this is happening to help preserve the Coven, and maybe we’ll get another vision from Cordelia to confirm this next week. lol.

          Also, (and I hope this doesn’t happen), but I thought about another swerve. What if there is no new Supreme? Maybe just maybe this whole quest to find the new Supreme is a secret ploy to get all the girls in the Coven to turn on each other and eliminate each other one by one, so Cordelia and Myrtle can reign supreme (no pun intended)and start over with a new batch of witches? Either that or Spalding is the next Supreme. lol

  • KorovaMilkbar

    it’s too hard to keep track of who’s dead, they just keep coming back!

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