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Everything That’s Wrong With The ‘Resident Evil’ Movie

Cinema Sins has finally gotten around to pointing out the many, many sins committed by the 2002 *loose* film adaptation of Capcom’s “Resident Evil” franchise. I actually enjoyed the film, even if it had as much to do with its source material as the World War Z movie did. Watching this rundown of everything it did wrong — which they impressively managed to list in just under seven minutes — I can’t help but think about what could have been, had Capcom not passed on George Romero’s original script.

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  • Voorhees83

    The answer is simple on why the Resident Evil movies suck. They are bad action movies. Just like the new Resident Evil games are mostly action. I don’t even like these movies enough to analyze them. Both should have stuck to slow, eerie and creepy style. Most importantly, horror.

  • lhcameron

    TBH im glad the movies strayed away from the George A Romero script. Think about it. Why would you pay to see an EXACT or even very very closely adapted movie to a video game? When all you could do is go on to YouTube and watch the cutscenes. It’s pointless. I like the Resident Evil Movies. Sure they aren’t perfect and a bit cheesy but they are fun popcorn flicks. And the sequels are actually necessary unlike most of Hollywood’s films. So yes the movies are flawed but but i have a feeling that had George A Romero’s script been adapted we would have gotten one good movie, sure, but then i guarantee the follow up sequel would have flopped terribly

  • Rick-Taylor

    The Romero script was absolutely horrible, as well. Although, if it had 5 or 6 sequels, it would probably still be better than the current movies.

  • KorovaMilkbar

    lol I thoroughly enjoyed the aspca sarah mclaughlin ending. those poor zombie dogs…

  • joester1976

    Sure they were bad films especially the last one. However, I can say that the first RE film wasn’t all that bad. If you watch it without going in with expectations then you can get through it. Just my two cents.

  • doomas10

    I do not want to be the one who defends the first film but I thought despite the CGI of the licker, it was an excellent claustrophobic techno thriller. Some jump scares are really well done, the atmosphere is good enough, the soundtrack ace and it is nicely paced with not an overload of CGI. Sure it has its flaws but in my eyes it is a classic! Cinema sins though have become boring because they are really nitpicking everything in films the logos, the colour of the costumes, the sounds, the beards. I prefer the original-honest trailers!

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