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[Random Cool] This ‘Dead Space’ Motorcycle Helmet Would Look Great On My Head

Question: would it be weird if I wore one of these, even though I don’t currently have a motorbike to pair it with? Because, I mean, general head safety has always been a concern of mine, and who knows what could happen when you’re grocery shopping, ya know?

Anyway, the talented folks at Xtreme Kreations have crafted a motorbike helmet that’s inspired by the badass helmet with the trio of blue visors that Isaac Clarke’s wears in Dead Space — read on to see all its angles.

For more of Xtreme Kreations’ amazing helmets, check out their gallery.

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  • Sick_skwerl

    If I had this, I would wear it all the time! (I’d look sexiest with it in the bath tub)

  • squint

    This thing looks wicked amazing! But party poopery to be done… think the perforated film used on the visor, would be really hard to see through, especially it being so close to your eyes. Danger! But at least it’s wicked to look at or have on for funzies. Party pooping complete. Back to your stations.

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