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[Modern Art] These Horror Movie Icons Are Adorable

It’s been a long and art-free couple of months, but Modern Art is back, and that’s thanks to the wonderful work of digital artist, Adam Miconi. I never thought I’d look at some of the horror genre’s most infamous killers and call them adorable, but Miconi’s managed to make the likes of Chucky, Leatherface, Jason, Freddy, Ghostface, and Michael all look like they’re the type who can appreciate a good cuddle.

Sure, they’d probably have a newly bloodied knife, chainsaw, or machete under their pillow, but that’s to be expected. Read on for more.

For more of Adam’s work, check out his gallery.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    That really is adorable.

  • doomas10

    Not sure though why Edward Scissorhands is there! But still cool

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