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Bizarre Clip From Slamdance Selection ‘Rover’

A clip has been shared from the Slamdance Film Festival selection, Rover, Tony Blahd’s bizarre genre film starring Reggie Gowland, Jonathan Randell Silver, Liam Torres, Natalie Thomas, Jade Fusco and Steve Siddell.

In their dilapidated church headquarters, a greatly diminished and dispirited cult awaits the sign to off themselves. Their hapless leader, Save, concocts a plan: to quell infighting and give them purpose in life before their deaths, he fakes a prophecy instructing them to make a movie and share their story with the world. There’s just one problem: they don’t know the first thing about film production.

So they recruit a director, and in the production of the movie, the once-disparate cult members find a uniting purpose. But just as they hit their stride, Dave receives a true prophecy. It’s time for them to ‘exit.’

Also check out the festival trailer.



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