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[Exclusive] David Jacob Robison Explains Just How Horrific Alaya Really Is

One of my most anticipated releases this year has to be Chicago, IL’s Alaya and their upcoming debut album Thrones, which comes out March 17th via Basick Records. The band first got my attention with their track “Inside“, which feature a mix of melodic tech metal with clean vocals and strong melodies that was something that sent hooks into my skin and has failed to leave since. You can (and totally should) pre-order your copy of Thrones via iTunes.

But something that I didn’t realize about “Inside” until I spoke with drummer David Jacob Robison was that the song was lyrically heavily influenced by the French horror film of the same name. In fact, Robison told me that several tracks on the debut album were lyrically inspired by several horror films. And now, with the album coming out soon, we’re able to bring you that exact list! Head on below to read how Alaya might just be the best kept secret when it comes to the melding of horror and music!

From David Jacob Robison:
Evan and I are huge fans of the horror genre. In fact, we spend so much time watching them that you could say it was a factor in why our album took so long. Just kidding, haha! To give our listeners an easter egg we decided to make some of the lyrics on “Thrones” ambiguously about six of our favorite films.

1. “Inside” is Evan’s favorite film, so I made sure the first track’s lyrics borrowed heavily from the script. The film is high energy, and that’s what we wanted for the first track. We enjoy lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways, so you can twist the words to give them alternate meaning.

2. The symbolism in “White Noise” mirrors the film Poltergeist. Again, we borrowed from the script to get the haunting theme we wanted for the second track. Evan and I co-wrote the lyrics while watching the film. It’s also the first track we wrote for the album.

3. “Sleep” has an interesting back story. I woke up from a nightmare with the drum part written in my head. Weeks later, another part of the song was written in a dream I had. So we decided A Nightmare on Elm Street was the appropriate hidden reference for this song. There are lines from the film in the lyrics, and the song’s music video is a nod to the film as well.

4. “Poor Gloria” is one of the darker songs on the album so I wrote the lyrics while watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which is an incredibly dark film. Evan loves Tom Waits, so I made sure his character in the film got a lyrical reference. This song was written very organically over a long period of time in a small dark room, and I think that comes across.

5. “Grace” is the heaviest song on the album. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the most brutal film I’ve ever seen. Evan’s guitar parts sound like a chainsaw coming at your head. This one was a no brainer!

6. “Day of the Dead” is an obvious reference to my favorite film of all time. The lyrics were co-written while watching the film, and while “White Noise” was completed first, this was the first horror themed song on the album.

Alaya on-line:
Basick Records

Thrones track list:
1. Inside
2. White Noise
3. Sleep
4. Screaming Still
5. Poor Gloria
6. Haunted Pt. I
7. Grace
8. Day of the Dead
9. Thrones
10. Paths
11. Entropy
12. Haunted Pt. II
13. Haunted Pt. III



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