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[Random Cool] Check Out the New Bloody Disgusting Offices (But Not Really)!

If I had my way, and only $99,900.10 (I love the 10 cents), the new Bloody Disgusting offices would be within the cage of a Velociraptor…

I’m pretty sure the rest of the staff wouldn’t mind working in a cage if said cage was one from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 epic Jurassic Park.

This eBay user claims to have for sale an original prop from the dino-film for sale. What you could own is the Velociraptor Cage Crate that opens the film. “This is the full size animal transport cage crate featured in the terrifying opening scene of the classic blockbuster movie!” they explain. “This is the crate that housed the Velociraptor that attacked and killed the ill-fated “Gate Keeper” as Jurassic Park’s Game Warden and workers attempted to move the Raptor into its permanent pen.

But that’s not all as the winning bidder will receive the crate and a full size Velociraptor prop (the original screen used prop seen in the opening scene).

Even if none of us can afford this (I’m assuming?) it’s fun to dream…



  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    that’s a lot of money for something that would be incredibly difficult to display.

    FYI bloody disgusting should have The Cabin in The Woods style cubicles instead. should be cheap enough to make. just get some plexiglas and metal frames and stack ’em up and in rows.

    • Darkness69

      Hahaha, good one! Does that mean the BD staff are monsters? Or just locked in order to bring the horror forever? Judging by their avatars and writing, both, lol. Kidding, guys!

      • JonathanBarkan

        So long as there are no spiders I’m cool with anything.

        • ThunderDragoon

          Amen! XD

        • djblack1313

          @JonathanBarkan, there MUST be spiders! lol. the giant one seen in CABIN seems about right! 🙂

          actually spiders freak me the fuck out! spiders and sharks.

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