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‘The Signal’ Director Pulls Off Heist With Supernatural ‘The Trust’

Sources tell Bloody Disgusting that Content will be selling worldwide rights to The Signal co-director Dan Bush‘s supernatural heist film, The Trust, at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

“The Trust is an action-packed supernatural heist thriller, that tells the story of the Dillon Brothers: Adam, ex-military, has just picked up his career criminal brother Isaac from prison, when they learn that their troubled older brother Michael has burned down a warehouse owned by a notorious gangster. The brothers find themselves on the hook for an outrageous sum of money and have only two weeks to get it, or Michael will die. So with nowhere to turn, they decide to rob the town’s biggest bank. Then all hell breaks lose…

Co-written by Bush, pictured above left, and Conal Byrne (The Proxy), the film is produced by Culmination Productions’ Tom Butterfield and Redwire Pictures’ Luke Daniels. Content’s Jamie Carmichael serves as Executive Producer.

Pre-production is set to begin in April 2014.



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