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Leaked Screencap Shows ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ In Source 2

NeoGAF user CBOAT has posted a screen capture of a PowerPoint presentation for Valve’s upcoming Source 2 engine that shows off the plantation level from Left 4 Dead 2, remade in the new engine. Maybe we’ll get a remastered version of the game, which now includes all of the content from the original Left 4 Dead, with improved visuals, thanks to Source 2.

This doesn’t necessarily help confirm Left 4 Dead 3, but I’m loving the game’s new look nonetheless. See a larger version of the above pic after the jump.

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  • HorrorFancy

    I hope they remake the whole game on that engine, looks great! Or perhaps, come out with a L4D3? :p

    • Adam Dodd

      Or better yet… both. 😉

  • Grenadehh

    L4D2 already includes all the content from L4D.

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