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Indie ‘Bombshell Bloodbath’ Features Wicked FX Work!

Check out the trailer and awesome poster images for Bombshell Bloodbath, an Italian-style zombie splatter film influenced by Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi!

Directed by Brett Mullen and written by Mullen and Sky Tilley, Bombshell Bloodbath stars Alex Elliot, Rob Springer, Larry Parks, Samantha Mills, Jess Barbour, Shane Terry, Kathy Sandvoss, Miles Snow, Joanne Maye, Brianna Doss, Ed Ricker, Darren Hummel, Don Sill, Owen Daily, and Matthew Moore.

“Bombshell Bloodbath concerns the daughter of a brilliant scientist who is exposed to her father’s experimental treatments designed to re-animate his wife. The movie follows her as her brain collapses and she becomes a zombie.

Enjoy all of the insane gore, courtesy of Joh Harp FX!



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