A Look Back At The Trailer For The Original 'Silent Hill' - Bloody Disgusting!

A Look Back At The Trailer For The Original ‘Silent Hill’

I love a good trailer. It’s usually our first impression of the game, so it’s essentially the game’s handshake. Some trailers have given us firm grips that don’t last too long or not long enough, while others have had hands that were cold and clammy, like they just left the bathroom and only barely dried their hands.

Since the goal of this special Silent Hill Week event is to celebrate the original Silent Hill, I thought we’d take a look at its amazing E3 1998 trailer. The trailer, which you can watch after the jump, is decidedly in the former group. It’s a fantastic, creepy trailer backed by a fantastic track from series composer Akira Yamaoka. It also shows gameplay footage — a rare thing these days — and lets us know what we’re in for without revealing too much.

Read on to check it out!

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  • MaryMaria

    Whoa, blast from the past! I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years. What a great trailer. I remember trying to find a PS1 copy of Silent Hill years and years ago and finally manage to trade it with someone for my Lunar: SSSC box set. I only managed to beat the first Silent Hill once, though; it was so damn scary, even with the dated graphics! I tried playing it again recently, but damn, those controls were terrible compared to what we have now. Too bad.