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I Can’t Decide If I Should Cherish This Art Or Set It On Fire

Last Summer, I featured the work of Karen, an artist who’s creepily adept at conjuring creating deeply unsettling — and wet — horror art that would look great in any psychopath’s torture dungeon (and maybe my apartment). Clearly, Karen’s kept busy over the last seven months crafting all sorts of bizarre, and still very wet, horror sculptures, some of which you can find after the jump!

And no, this art has nothing to do with our Silent Hill Week.

For more of Karen’s work, check out her gallery.

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  • MrMyers

    They should have got this her to make the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis in the Evil Dead remake instead of the generic piece of crap they did use.

  • Darkness69

    This is definitely for cherishing! Especially the Necronomicon – its eyes are almost as abominable as Cordelia’s eyes in AHS: Coven – the second mutilation.

  • прикольнинько

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