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This Handmade ‘Silent Hill’ Mumbler Is Bloody, Adorable

When I think of Silent Hill, the words that immediately come to mind are cute, adorable, charming, and maybe even delightful. This little guy personifies all of the above, and if I could, I’d buy an army of them so I could smother them with affection.

Now, in case he doesn’t look all that familiar — I wouldn’t blame you if you reside in the States — this is the Mumbler, found in the original Silent Hill. This monster replaced the Grey Children in the Japanese and European releases, which, by the way, turns fifteen tomorrow (the reason behind our week-long Silent Hill extravaganza). Read on to see him in all his high-resolution glory!

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    Oh, my gosh, this is soooo cute!!!! I remember this enemy, even though I live in the US. Is it wrong that they were in my game, because they were? They were in the sewer alongside the lizard men, and also on the streets. Maybe I got a messed up American copy? Wouldn’t be the first time it has happened to me! Haha! 😀

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