Scarlett Johansson Gets ‘Under the Skin’ In This Red Band Trailer!

  • Golic

    nice to see her get away from that ‘Avenger’ garbage to do a REAL film for a change.

  • goldo1107

    meh…I love Scarlett. She is really sexy. But this film is looking really artsy which is not bad in small doses now and then. Def not excited for this film. Have to know more about the over all plot and story to get convince me.

  • horrorking95

    The story doesn’t sound too exciting, but I’m loving the trailer. It looks very strange, unconventional and arty. Consider me interested.

  • dirtyghettok

    Forgot about this one, but still looking forward, maybe backwards… screw it, gonna make a hard left to see it. But honestly for the first minute during the drums all I could think of was *drums*, “Penny!” *Drums*, “Penny!” *Drums*, Penny!