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Skinny Puppy Sends Invoice To US Government For Using Their Music As Torture Device

In an interview with Phoenix New Times, Skinny Puppy mastermind cEvin Key revealed that the name of their latest album, Weapon, was inspired by the fact that they found out their music was used by the US government as a torture device in Guantanamo Bay.

Key explains, “We heard through a reliable grapevine that our music was being used in Guantanamo Bay prison camps to musically stun or torture people. We heard that our music was used on at least four occasions. So we thought it would be a good idea to make an invoice to the U.S. government for musical services, thus the concept of the record title, Weapons.

Key did lament the situation, explaining that finding out this information made him feel, “Not too good. We never supported those types of scenarios. … Because we make unsettling music, we can see it being used in a weird way. But it doesn’t sit right with us.

Weapon came out in 2013 and can be purchased on iTunes.



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