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Fox Puts Down Roots On ‘The Unseen’

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Fox just purchased a “biblical thriller” script called The Unseen. While “biblical thriller” can mean pretty much anything (I’m looking at you Left Behind), this script by John Travis (The Haunting Of Molly Hartley) seems to have a decidedly horror-ish bent. To the point where I would call it a “supernatural” horror film. I mean, do you call The Exorcist a “biblical thriller?” Forgive me for that San Diego-style wheel-spinning while I tell you more about the film.

It’s actually based on a short story called “Mr. Pettinger’s Daemon” culled from author John Connolly’s anthology “Nocturnes“. The story “centers on a hospital cleric who is tasked with treating a fellow clergyman in a remote parish who has been displaying severe signs of mental illness. When he arrives, he discovers that the root of his colleague’s erratic behavior is a biblical force of evil that is trying to surface from deep below the church.

Maybe I should check out the short story, eh? Hutch Parker is producing the film.



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