Evil Awakens In Art, Stills and Trailer For ‘Patrick’ Remake!

  • REmake

    I was actually excited to hear they were making this remake, but after watching that trailer I really don’t want to see this one. Disappointing.

  • Scuzz80

    This remake appeared as the Surprise film at the festival here in Dublin back in October. I was really looking forward to seeing it considering the talent involved, unfortunately it just doesn’t really work. Hartley is almost too reverential in his treatment. It feels like he was trying to be too close and too respectful of Franklin’s original at times so even though it is a fresh new film it somehow appears dated. I think it is almost too polished and it sorely lacks the raw edge that we have come to expect from Ozploitation cinema. Maybe they should have had Everett De Roche involved in the writing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Moheetoe Pablo Delgadillo

    I just came to say that “Patrick” is one sexy mofo.