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‘Dead Island’, ‘Toy Soldiers’ Free For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Next Month

Microsoft has revealed their free games offering for the month of February, and while both titles are great, I would’ve liked to see games that released a little more recently. Sony is gifting PS Plus subscribers with a bevy of new games next month, while Xbox Live Gold members will be getting Dead Island — a must-play, in my opinion — and Toy Soldiers: Cold War, both of which released back in 2011.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to get your hands on Dead Island, then that freebie will be swapped out with Toy Soldiers on February 26th.

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  • SlothyPunk

    Awesome! Never finished Dead Island the first time around. With this, Metro: Last Light and Outlast, I’m gonna have a (free) fun month!

  • wildgator25

    I admit that I was wrong about PS+. The games that I get for free on the PS4 are awesome (can’t wait til Tuesday for Outlast!). I bashed it in favor of Xbox Live for so many years, but Microsoft needs to get with the program and stop giving out games that are so old compared to what Sony gives out. I ended my 7 year run with Xbox Live last month and I can’t say I regret it.

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