'Ms.45' And 'Forbidden World' Vinyl OST Reissues Now Available For Pre-Order - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Ms.45’ And ‘Forbidden World’ Vinyl OST Reissues Now Available For Pre-Order



The vinyl reissues of Ms.45 and Forbidden World from Death Watlz are now available for pre-order right here. When purchased they come with an immediate free download of the soundtrack and Ms.45 comes with an additional 65 minutes of unused cues from composer Joe Delia. Head on below to see the AMAZING artwork for both albums.

Also, I can personally attest to the amazing packaging that Death Waltz puts out. I recently got my hands on a copy of The Fog from Jon Dobyns (from Twitch The Ripper) and that packaging is incredible! Seriously, well worth every single penny.


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