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‘Resident Evil’ Finale Doesn’t Even Have A Script Yet…

When Paul W.S. Anderson ended the 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution, he left the franchise open for one finale battle at the white house.

The movie was a success, quickly forcing Sony SCreen Gems’ hand to announce Resident Evil 6 for September 12, 2014.

Going into this year, it was clear they weren’t going to make the date, being that there was no word on production even remotely close to starting. With Anderson’s Pompeii hitting theaters, Collider was able to get the latest on the franchise that continues a resurrection.

We’d like to do another Resident Evil movie. Definitely,” said Anderson. “But the wheels aren’t quite in motion yet.

The site also states that Anderson hasn’t begun writing the script, but he did tell them awhile ago that he had a story in mind for Resident Evil 6 that involved a lot of death and would bring the franchise to a close. In addition, they caught up with Screen Gems President, Clint Culpepper, at the junket and he made it very clear that another Resident Evil was a priority and he was just waiting on Anderson to move forward.

Personally, this is a franchise I’d like to see rebooted. Screen Gems had originally planned to reboot it until the fourth film was a massive success for them.



  • DarrelDreadful

    For the fans, I hope they deliver a grand finale that can reach expectations and really have an “ending”. For the non-fans, don’t worry you’r reboot will come eventually.

    • Taboo


    • huntermc

      If there is a reboot, I hope it will stay true to the story in the games.

  • Joey

    Looks like we won’t be seeing it till 2015 at least!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Hopefully they get on this fast so we can get the reboot soon.

  • Daniel

    It’s not like it takes long to write a Resident Evil script.

    • kaido

      Haha! Right? Twenty minutes of dialogue throughout the whole film.

  • undertaker78

    I know I’m in the minority but I love the Resident Evil franchise and cannot wait for the final installment. I have a feeling poor Alice is going to kick the bucket this time around.

  • dr.lamb

    Top image: Milla beating up Zombie- Jackie Chan ?

    • Jesse Sikora

      That’s exactly what I was thinking haha!!!

      • dr.lamb

        That resemblance is eerie ! Btw, Milla is admittedly a real power babe, but we all know that Jackie would kick her ass even as a Zombie !

      • huntermc

        Same here!

  • Necrogeddon666

    The Resident Evil movies are dog shit. All of them. How they continue to be made is beyond any rational understanding. What is more baffling is that people keep paying to see them.

    • dr.lamb

      Brain-numbing nonsense it is !

    • DreamWave

      The only one that was somewhat decent was the original, but that was partially due to the phenomenal atmospheric score by Manson and that other guy. The rest, like you said DOG SHIT. After Life was one of the worst movies i’ve seen in years. It proves that most people that go to the movies are retarted. High octain mindless cheap ADD action, big explosions and running zombies are a winning formula these days. Anderson needs to fuck off.

  • djblack1313

    i’ve been a big supporter of these movie but RETRIBUTION was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. EVERYONE (except Michelle Rodriguez and the little girl Aryana Engineer who were good) in it was atrocious. just a god awful movie in every way. Paul’s “writing” is just as god awful as he has become. so what’s the hold up? lol.

    POMPEII……did anyone on the planet actually ask for that movie to be made? just curious. lol. as you can tell i’m sick of Anderson and RETRIBUTION turned me off (just about) to the Anderson directed RE movies. bring back Russell Mulcahy who did EXTINCTION. there’s no reason why they can’t wrap this current RE franchise up without god awful Anderson (who has a very unhealthy addiction to all things CGI).

    • Hey, we are the only two on here, who think Extinction is the best in the franchise, right? I know the original is a favorite for the best, but I LOVE Extinction as the best! They should’ve stopped after that one. lol.

    • doomas10

      Gotta disagree with you my friend. I thought the first film was by far superior to all entries. Extinction had a nice setting but the script….was just too bunkers for me 🙂 Having said that, I prefer Anderson when he is NOT shooting his own scripts. The man is a competent director and knows how to stage action, fights and yes, even scares! Thus, I am actually curious for Pompeii as it is not his script? Is it? Is it?

      • Lol! I understand, Doomas. Thing is, I LOVED the first Resident Evil until Extinction came along. I wasn’t too crazy about Apocalypse, so that played a big part in my enjoyment for Extinction also. And then After Life and Retribution just ruined everything for me. lol. I’m not the biggest PWSA fan in the world, but Mortal Kombat is still one favorite guilty pleasures EVER!

        And I’m pretty sure PWSA is just directing Pompeii, never heard anything about him writing the screenplay, so that’s good news. lol.

        • doomas10

          Apocalypse was dreadful. Almost pg-13 level of violence, over the top stunts, terrible atmosphere – felt like a TV movie – awful editing of the Bourne franchise style – totally incoherent of who is killing who. Extinction was an improvement but what I hate about the franchise overall is that pretty much everyone dies so there is no suspense as to who might survive besides…Alice and now Claire!

          • djblack1313

            @doomas10, lol. APOCALYPSE is actually my favorite! LOL. i just love pretty much everything about it (the action, Alice, the onset of the apocalypse, Sienna’s best Jill Valentine…unlike Sienna’s god awful, cringe-inducing RETRIBUTION Jill, etc).

            i think i like APOCALYPSE, AFTERLIFE & EXTINCTION the most. part 1 is just ok. and you know how i feel on RETRIBUTION. lol.

          • doomas10

            @djblack1313, Sienna is indeed JILL VALENTINE and yes I will give you on that in retribution she was…flat out awful-wonder why though? My list is part 1, retribution!, afterlife, extinction, apocalypse. I can see why people did not like retribution as it is so much over the top but the 3D was great, and the corridor fight pretty inventive and I like the big budget aspect of it. Having said that, I think pretty much all of them with the exception of the first, are in the same level of quality, some a bit higher, others a bit lower- that one of dumb entertainment!

  • Good. Maybe, MAYBE they’ll take some time to get it right this time, maybe. Retribution is easily the worst film in the series, IMO. Michelle’s return was the highlight, and that’s about it. Boring, BORING action sequences, and on top of that, it’s mind boggling how ONE movie can feature so many extravagant and breathtaking set pieces (I loved Moscow! lol) and the end result is still a boring piece of crap.

    RE needs a reboot. Resident Evil reached Saw V levels of awfulness with Retribution, and it’s time for a fresh start.

  • Lord Alaster

    I love the resident evil games. Honestly I enjoyed the first three of the series (as a movie), but i’ve watched them all. I thought it was a bit comical that johnny cage(Linden Ashby) was snipping from the Eiffel tower. XD The last two in the series were pretty craptacular in terms of script, but the locations were pretty interesting.

  • ChildoftheKoRn

    I agree that they need to reboot the series. Paul WS Anderson should be kept from the helm as there are many more capable writers/directors.

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