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[Random Cool] Trent Shy’s Latest Claymation Project Promotes Crimson Horror Fest!

Claymation madman Trent Shy continues to expand his horizons with his entry into the first annual Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in Charleston, SC (April 19-20th)!

Created by Trent Shy and Liz, the short one-minute promo gives homage to classic genre fare, while also showing the Shy’s growth as a filmmaker – he’s getting better and better with each short, which is why we love sharing his work here on Bloody-Disgusting!

Check out the Crimson promo below!



  • Mr.Turbine

    This guy’s got talent, I Look forward to seeing more of his work! Keep sharing!

    • Trent Shy

      Thanks man! The next one is going to be huge and insane… and gory as hell! I appreciate the feedback!

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    I love Trent’s work. Claymation was always something I adored, his work is absolutely fantastic. I’m glad he’s going to be in Crimson Screen Horror film fest.

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