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[Exclusive] Hunt Or Be Hunted In This Belzebass “Welcome To Hell” Video Premiere

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Italian horror-influenced electronic band Belzebass to bring you the exclusive video premiere for the title track of their new, upcoming EP, Welcome To Hell. The video is a gory, violent tale of what seem to be recently escaped prisoners who are suddenly hunted by some locals intent on bringing them in dead rather than alive. After all, what is more thrilling than hunting another human being?

You can pre-order Welcome To Hell, which comes out tomorrow, via iTunes US and iTunes IT.

From Belzebass: What do do expect when you hear malevolent track title such as Welcome To Hell? A new gut-wrenching video from the Italian twosome Belzebass! Well guess what, you´re absolute right. No more Mr. Niceguy is definitely the motive here. Not that Belzebass were ever cooking selling boy-scouts, but this is some evil shit. This video is a real dark, insidious and demoniac short horror movie.

Belzebass online:
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