'Casper'-Inspired 'The Little Ghost' Haunts Kids in the States - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Casper’-Inspired ‘The Little Ghost’ Haunts Kids in the States

The Little Ghost

Vertical Entertainment has taken North American rights to German box office and international sales hit The Little Ghost, reports Variety.

Looking like Casper, the family feature is live-action, apart from its central character, the Little Ghost, which is rendered in CGI. It is based on the best-selling children’s book by Otfried Preussler, which has been translated into more than 31 languages.

The Little Ghost lives in the castle of Eulenstein, and is awake for one hour every night from midnight. The ghost would like to see the world by daylight for once, despite the warnings of a friend, Mr. Tu-Whit Tu-Whoo. One night, three kids go on a trip to the castle, where they have their first encounter with the ghost. The following day, the ghost wakes up at 12 o’clock noontime, and ventures into the town. Its joy soon passes, as — discolored by the first sunrays — it scares the town’s inhabitants and causes a commotion. Chased by the police, the ghost asks the children for help.

It has grossed Euros 4.5 million ($6.07 million) for Universum Film at the German box office, and is still in theaters. It won the audience award at Schlingel children’s film festival and the Enfants Terribles Award at Gijon.