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First Look At Victor Salva’s ‘Dark House’!

While we wait for the third Jeepers Creepers to get off the ground, director Victor Salva will see his Haunted released on home video as Dark House.

Bloody reader Fabien M. noticed it for sale on Blu-ray by New Video Group (Cinedigm) on March 11, as well as the following first ever image!

Here’s the newest synopsis: “Nick Di Santo is tormented by his ability to touch someone and see exactly how they will die. On his twenty-third birthday Nick is summoned by his mother (Lesley-Anne Down) to the asylum where she has been institutionalized since his childhood. Nick is stunned by her revelation that the father he thought was dead is really alive and may know the origin of Nick’s terrible gift. Nick sets out to find his father with his best friend Ryan and girlfriend Eve. But what starts as a simple road trip to meet the father he never knew soon becomes a horrific nightmare when it leads the trio back to the same abandoned mansion, a house that only existed in Nick’s childhood imagination—or so he thought. Finally succumbing to the will of the house, Nick becomes embroiled in a battle with a dark figure (Tobin Bell).

Saw‘s Tobin Bell, Leslie Down, Luke Kleintank, Anthony Rey Perez, Alex McKenna, Zack Ward and Max Gail star.

Special Features include Behind-the-scenes footage.



  • anthonyd1

    I have noticed the last few of his movies have been straight to disc. If that is the case with Jeepers Creepers 3 I will be extremely disappointed. I want to see the Creeper on the big screen again!

  • thedragon803

    I’m actually interested in hearing the Bloody Disgusting staff’s reasoning as to why they continue to cover anything done by Victor Salva. Normally if a person is found not guilty in a court of law, even if a person’s guilt is all too believable, I’m ok with them continuing to work in whatever field they wish.

    But Victor Salva pled GUILTY to child molestation and was CONVICTED. Don’t just Wiki it, look up the particulars. This man is a walking reminder of just how fucked up our legal system is to let him back into society. No, he did not “pay his debt” for what he did and for this site to continue to give him any kind of recognition is just as ludicrous as the fact that anyone wants to work with him. As a fan of this site and horror in general, PLEASE stop covering this guy. There are much better people out there doing much better work.

    • djblack1313

      @thedragon, no offense but if you’re so offended that this site covers some news bits about Salva/his movies then i’m sure there are other sites you’d feel less offended by.

      i (and plenty of others) want to know when/if Salva’s JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 is coming to fruition. nothing anyone can say regarding Salva’s past will quell my interest in a JC3.

      • TheDragon

        Hey djblack1313 when you address someone on here USE their CORRECT screen Name you insipid fool. If you don’t your rants get sent to the wrong people and are liable to get you nailed to the wall flayed like a pathetic toady in a snuff film

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