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Russian Horror, ‘Viy,’ Breaking Records Internationally!

Local language fare is continuing its strong start to 2014 at the Russian box office, as director Oleg Stephcehnko’s horror adaptation, Viy, is reportedly on-track for a record opening for a 3D film in the country, reports THR.

Viy, which premiered across Russia Thursday, had taken an estimated $17 million (600 million rubles) by Sunday night, producer Alexey Petrukhin said.

The film, based on a novel written by Gogol, the classic Ukrainian-born Russian writer of the 1800s, was last adapted for the screen in Russia by Georgy Kropachev and Konstantin Ershov in 1967. The new film, which shot on location in the Czech Republic, reprises the classic story of an ancient evil force that is awoken deep in the bowels of a monastery after the death of a beautiful maiden.

A faithful adaptation of Nikolay Gogol’s classic Russian horror story, starring an international cast that includes Jason Flemyng and Charles Dance, as well as Russia’s Alexey Chadov, the film opened to $2.5 million, before adding $3.2 million Friday and $6 million Saturday.




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