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[Super Bowl] Jason Voorhees, Slimer, Teen Wolf and Chucky Raid RadioShack Commercial!

RadioShack clearly won the Super Bowl Sunday night with their 80’s-themed commercial that was worth the $4M price tag.

The spot, entitled “The Phone Call”, enlists a horde of iconic 1980’s characters – from Jason Voorhees to Chucky, Slimer, Teen Wolf, Alf, Hulk Hogan and more – to raid a RadioShack in an homage to the greatest decade in human history.

Watch it below!



  • Darkness69

    What a great commercial! Truly the best decade.

  • Bouncy X

    i dont watch sports plus here in canada, the canadian network that airs the game “takes over” the american channel so there’s many commercials we don’t even get to see.

    this was very awesome and cool! i love that they got many of the real celebrities as well….all that was missing was Johnny 5 from Short Circuit since the 2nd movie basically was a walking ad for Radioshack! lol

  • HorrorFancy

    And that is the closest we’ll see of Ghostbusters 3. :p

  • Marty McFly

    thats the best commercial ive seen in awhile at 29 seconds, Jason’s like “Yoink!”

  • Rick-Taylor

    There’s only one thing in here that I don’t recognize. Who is the lady clad in gold that Erick Estrada says hello to?


    Problem is that’s no 80’s Jason that’s Freddy Vs. Jason look from 2003. They should have Had Freddy in it tho but im glad Chucky was in it.

  • Nurse Derpusheen

    This commercial made me cry I was laughing so hard!

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