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Telltale Teases More ‘The Walking Dead’ Coming Very Soon

The second season in Telltale’s episodic series The Walking Dead kicked off last December with a fantastic first episode, titled All That Remains. The second episode, A House Divided, will follow up the previous episode’s horrific ending and if it’s title is any indication, there may be a lot more drama to contend with on top of that whole zombie apocalypse thing.

If you’ve been foaming at the mouth for more human drama that this series is so good at delivering, Telltale has promised to feed us baby bird style with more that’s “just around the corner.”

If you missed All That Remains, you can watch the full episode here, sans commentary, or you can check out my video review.

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  • weresmurf

    C’mon guys, get it together a little bit. I hope for Season 3, they have at least their first 3 chapters ready, so they can release them at a confirmed 6 – 8 week interval rather than a ‘we’ll release it when we’re ready’ plan. God knows the wait for Chapter 2 of The Wolf Among Us has been a fucking pain.

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