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[Exclusive] The Haunted Go Totally Raw With ‘My Enemy’ Studio Video

Swedish melodic metal band The Haunted came back from their near total break up with a bang this year by announcing a new three-track EP (Eye Of The Storm)! And we’re here to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for “My Enemy”, the second single off of that EP. the video is pure, raw studio footage that shows the band rocking out in very close quarters. Make sure to listen to the title track here so that you can get a nearly full experience of what the band will be bringing in 2014!

We’re not only bringing you this exclusive video premiere but also exclusively announcing that the band has got European tour dates officially lined up! Check out these dates below along with the video!

You can pre-order the EP via iTunes and there are US only white 7”s (limited edition run of 200) at CM Distro. Make sure to check out my review here.

Tour dates:
FR, 28. March 2014 Göteborg (Sweden) – Trädgårn
SA, 29. March 2014 Örebro (Sweden) – Ritz
FR, 04. April 2014 Oslo (Norway) – John Dee
SA, 05. April 2014 Malmö (Sweden) – Kulturbolaget
TH, 17. April 2014 Turku (Finland) – Klubi
FR, 18. April 2014 Tampere (Finland) – Klubi
SA, 19. April 2014 Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia
TH, 08. May 2014 Stockholm (Sweden) – Klubben
SA, 10. May 2014 Karlstad (Sweden) – Rockbaren



  • STRIK9

    Lol what a return to form after that last album. The fans spoke and they listened it seems. Glad they are back to what they do best.

  • terrogore

    I loved all of Dolving’s outings and def enjoyed Unseen despite many hating it. This sounds wicked as well, Bottom line I will always love Dolving’s lyrical and vocal diversity but this sounds just great as well. Some haunted is always better than none. Have anyone heard Anders Bjorler’s Antikythera? pretty cool for a chill kind of album.

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