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Check This Band Out: Metallic Taste Of Blood

Alright, I’m back with another band that I’m highly recommending you turn your ears towards! This time I’m highlighting Metallic Taste Of Blood, an instrumental supergroup that features guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi and drummer Balázs Pándi (both of Italian doom metal band Obake), keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Jamie Saft, and bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree). The band has already released a self-titled album (iTunes) in 2012 via RareNoiseRecords. wrote a glowing review of the album, stating, “If you crave intelligent, forward thinking, original and downright unsettling music than the self-titled effort by Metallic Taste Of Blood should satisfy your every need.

Having listened to three tracks, which you can hear below, I’m hooked. It sounds like something right out of a horror movie, the soundtrack to some cerebral psychological slasher. It’s hypnotic, dynamic, unpredictable, and I relished every second!

Seriously, just go down and listen to these three tracks. I try my best to not push but this is something I really feel you will all get a big kick out of! Also below is studio footage of the band working on their sophomore album, which is now a very anticipated album in my eyes.

Metallic Taste Of Blood online:
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