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‘Nevermind’ Uses Biofeedback To Monitor Stress And Adapt



Erin Reynolds is a game developer with a unique idea for a horror game. It started out as a concept in her University of Southern California Games Program master’s thesis as an idea that could help teach players how to manage stress in the real world. Using biofeedback technology, Nevermind monitors your heart-rate and adapts on the fly. As your stress level rises, the difficulty increases. Eventually, progression is impossible and the only way to proceed is by calming down.

It’s a neat idea and one that fits well in the occasionally very stressful horror genre, where I’m pretty sure games like Amnesia and Outlast have taken years off my life. Reynolds is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign tomorrow to raise the funds needed to bring this intriguing idea to fruition — I’ll have more details as soon as it’s live.

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