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Original ‘Blob’ Producer Honored With Star on the Walk of Fame!



Variety reports that on February 4th, Jack L. Harris, the producer on the 1958 version of The Blob, is getting his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Explaining the beginnings of this iconic producer, the site writes that back in the early ’70s, a 21-year-old came to producer Jack L. Harris with his first feature film, made in 12 days. The novice director had worked on more than 70 movies but this was his own and he put his life savings, plus a borrowed $30,000, into it. Harris screened the film and liked it. But at 87 minutes, he deemed it too short and offered some story ideas. With $10,000 from Harris, an additional day’s shooting and three new scenes added, Harris had a new property to shop: John Landis’ Schlock.

Harris, best known as the producer of The Blob (1958), is an old-school movie mogul. The 95-year-old has marketed, distributed, produced, directed and written more movies than anyone has accurately tallied.

They also add that Harris landed a distribution deal with Paramount, opening for I Married a Monster From Outer Space. The Blob grossed more than $3 million. It spawned a sequel (Beware! The Blob in ’72), and a remake in ’88. Harris has never revealed how the sticky red ooze was made, but that’s part of the fun and lore of his colorful legacy, just like his Hitchcockian cameos in his own movies.

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